What We Do

Process Review

– Analyse
– Document
– Advise
– Improve
– Train
– Automate

A fresh set of eyes (and ears) is often the best option to start process improvements. You and your staff will know your process best and will often know what to improve but maybe not how. We will facilitate this process, analysing, documenting, advising on improvements. Training as required and automating as much as possible.
We aim to help you optimise process and reduce costs.

Software Review

Maximise ROI
– Inventory
– Landscape
– Utilisation
– Document
– Recommend

Over time software gets installed, some used some not, either way there are many benefits to know your landscape. Is it fully licensed? Are there potential security gaps? What’s actually used. We would deploy tools that gather this information, document and generate recommendations.

Data Analysis

Identify Opportunities
– Raw Data
– Trends
– Action
– Implement
– Automate

With a background in Data Analysis, we enjoy “playing” with data to determine trends and identify improvement opportunities. Additionally we will discuss the many ways that the reporting and analysis can be automated.

Web Sites

– Specify
– Review
– Design
– Build
– Optimise

Whether it is to design a new web site or optimise your existing web site we offer satisfaction. Our robust process is designed to give you peace of mind in the whole process. We will work closely with you to document your specification and through an iterative review process design and build / optimise your site.

Web Services

– Web Hosting
– Domains
– Email
– Cost Effective
– Self Help

We offer a one stop shop for reliable web hosting service with options to be managed by yourself or by us.
Bring in your domain, set up your emails, optimise the process all in an easy to use cost effective package.

Social Media

– Requirements
– Strategy
– Prioritisation
– Management
– Increase Presence

We will look at your current Social Media landscape, work with you to determine a strategy, what your priorities are the best way to manage it going forward.
The ultimate goal is to set you up with a system which results in increasing your social media presence.

We are dedicated to ensuring customer success.

Consulting, strategic planning, Optimisations, Automations for modern businesses by providing advice and guidance to companies.

  • Business Analysis
  • Software Landscape
  • Optimise & Automate
  • Web Services
  • Website Design

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